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We wanted to take a moment to highlight the dedication and hard work of one of our students,Karate kid Hithaardh Nag M

Hithaardh Nag M has been diligently practising at home by watching our instructional

videos, and I'm pleased to say that his efforts are truly paying off. His commitment to regular practice is evident, and he's been making significant improvements in his skills.

Hithaardh Nag M's dedication serves as an inspiration to us all. It's a reminder of the importance of consistent practice, even outside of our regular dojo sessions, With our video resources, practising regularly at home can greatly enhance your progress and deepen your understanding of karate.

Let's all take a moment to congratulate Hithard on his achievements and use his example as motivation to continue our practice journey.

Keep up the great work, everyone!

Best regards,

Founder: Horizon Champions Club (R)

Master: Tharun S Acharya

Founders: SpArts Technologies pvt ltd

Mayur Borsaikia & Daisy priya

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