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Learn Martial arts
To be Secure from
Unwanted obstacles 

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2000 Plus Happy Students

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Strong. Speed. Fit. Happy!

HCC Stress


Stressed? Martial arts can reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.

Hcc Fear


Learning the martial arts shall reduce the fear.

Hcc Wait loss


Thinking how to reduce weight joining martial arts can reduce your weight.

Hcc Stress


Do you know Martial arts training increases your focus.

Hcc Strong


Your Strength shall increase more on speed training you be strong

Hcc Happy


Practicing Martial arts  can lead to feeling happier and satisfied. And who doesn't want that???

The Best Master's

Master Tharun s Acharya,

Founder of the  Horizon Champions Club One of the best Martial Arts, Fitness and sports Centre in Bangalore.
17 years of experience in KARATE,
Trained more 2000+ Students,
Many states, National Champions & International Champions.


100+ Martial arts teachers from the best Martial arts schools.
Certified coaches from Well-known martial arts institutes.
Indian & International Teachers.

Tharun s Founder of Horizon champions club

Martial Arts for All

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Group classes

70+ Daily group classes, with batch sizes of 15 to 30 students,
Martial arts for juniors & senior's in different batches, Self-control, Speed power &  concentration.

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1 on 1 session

This is a great way to accelerate your recovery from fear & insecurity, practice safely, and make progress towards a specific goal.

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Martial arts with friends

With more interest than ever, these private group sessions are a nourishing way to connect with friends and family.

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Seminar's & Tournaments

Weekly Seminars and tournaments to enhance the learning curve of martial arts for corporate schools & and colleges.

Hcc channel

Hcc channel
Pinan Nidhan(Junior).MOV

Pinan Nidhan(Junior).MOV

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Kata Pinan Godan (Junior).MOV

Kata Pinan Godan (Junior).MOV

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Kata Junino (Junior).MOV

Kata Junino (Junior).MOV

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Kata Pinan Yondan (Junior).MOV

Kata Pinan Yondan (Junior).MOV

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Our Programs
To make your life happy, you have to start liking yourself.

For both Kids & Adults.

  • Speed

  • Weight lose

  • Strength building

  • Flexibility

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We teach techniques to students to make Physicaly and mentally stronge at  - karate school

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1st step to protect yourself is knowing defensive techinque and power

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PT - Classes

Personal Training in the Comfort of Your Home.

Our coaches will provide best-in-class personal training according to student capabilities,

To Enhance your Self-defense techniques.

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Mixed martial arts classes for both men and women. 
It's a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports from around the world

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