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The Horizon Champions Club is established with the passion for helping each student reach his or her highest personal potential; and to provide them the lifelong benefits of participating in the martial arts, through professional, superior coaching in Karate, Self-defense, and all other sports.

The HCC follows Shito Ryu-style sports karate Our students have the opportunity to advance through various belt ranks to achieve the ultimate goal of the Black Belt. These advancements take place through personalized one-on-one tutoring and involvement in tournaments both in and out of our schools.

The HCC was founded in 2018 by Master  Tharun s, who has 10+ years of experience and expertise in martial arts and self-defense. Master Tharun s has trained 2000+ students in his career as a Karate master. During his period he has taught Shito Ryu style in multiple dojos and Schools in and around Bangalore.

Master Tharun s developed a passion for martial arts at the age of 6 and to date, he is upgrading himself. He believes in lifelong learning. Master Tharun s is a black belt 3 Dan and he is KAI certified coach at present, he is serving as Joint secretary of the Bangalore Sports Karate Association.


At HCC we envision inculcating Sportsmanship and developing players for our nation and also making our society empowered and feel safe by training people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and genders.



HCC is committed to providing our students with high-quality instruction and responsive management services and creating enjoyable and productive learning, environments. We are fair, honest, transparent, courteous, and professional. We are sensitive to our student's and parent's needs and dedicated to their satisfaction.

The HCC will make its students highly competent by regularly participating in sports events and seminars.

OUR CORE VALUES: Our core values underpin the way we operate as a sports club DISCIPLINE: At HCC discipline is our key to success we realize that the sky is the limit if we are disciplined and sports is another name for discipline.

SPORTSMANSHIP: HCC coaches its students to observe all rules of the play, respects sports, and teaches them to play and win or lose with grace.

EXCELLENCE: continuously improve and provide exceptional attention to the needs of students, associations, and parents TEAMWORK: We value teamwork and collaborative effort to deliver the best possible service for our students. We will collaborate with sports associations, government bodies, and Parents to provide best-in-class training

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