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Vigneshwar Ramu

Black Belt 1st Dan

Vigneshwar Ramu

He had a wonderful journey in karate for the past eight years.
Started in the year of 2015 and earned my black belt in 2023.
“I have been practising and worked diligently to achieve several significant goals” and now I am a karate first dan black belt holder.
I can proudly tell that I have overcome all the ups and downs to reach this level.
My primary goals included attaining a black belt perfecting my kata and kumite forms and eventually becoming a karate instructor.

All these things for sure I was unable to do without my master's and my parents, encouragement from parents and my master’s training, which have helped me a lot to achieve to this extent.
I committed to consistent training, attending classes multiple times a week to sharpen my skills and deepen my understanding of karate.
Throughout these eight years, I successfully advanced achieving the colour belts to each belt grading serving as a significant milestone.

Karate is not just about physicality it’s about developing a strong mind and body connection.

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