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"How Saanvi T Achieved Her Black Belt in Karate: A Champion's Journey"I found a Karate class near me.

My journey from white belt to black belt.

When I was 5 years old my parents asked me if I wanted to join karate, my immediate reply was yes and was eager to start classes. Since I was still small I did not understand the importance of self defence and when practice got harder I wanted to leave class. But my parents made me understand it is important and necessary for my self-defence so I agreed to continue.

Soon when I reached Green Belt I attended my first competition, I was nervous throughout the day but when I got 3rd place it gave me confidence and I decided to improve myself. That day my interest in karate multiplied. After every competition and seminar, my interest would multiply.

My dream was to achieve my black belt so I started putting more effort for betterment. Just then covid came and forced us to attend online classes. The practice was going well but even after COVID-19 ended classes were still taken online since classes would be more effective offline I had to change the institution. I searched Google karate class near me I found,

Then I joined Horizon Champions Club, Karate classes, where my masters Mr Tharun S Acharya sir and Mr Vigneshwar sir guided me and helped me improve. After 2 years of practice here, I was very happy when the master told me I was eligible for a black belt. When there were only two months left for my black belt grading exam I put in more effort to improve and to do my best. After 11 belts including a white belt and after 11 years of karate the day had come for me to receive my belt. I was nervous at the start but also confident.

When I passed the exam I felt proud of myself and grateful for the efforts put in by my parents and my masters.

I will continue learning and practising and perfecting my skills as in return, martial arts will help build my self-confidence and power.

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